Choosing Between Apple Mac And Microsoft Windows

When it comes to Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows there has always been the question as to what do I get? This question has plagued the internet since the beginning. Both Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows have been competing with each other for a long time. From time to time one gains an edge over the other but it always seems to always balance out. Similarly the competition between the two has become more and more competitive. They have been able to carve out their own user bases such as Mac loyalist and Windows loyalist who always stick to their respective OS’s and computers. Further there have been people who have switched from Mac to Windows and vice versa. Most people have to decide what they’re buying and here’s a few things to consider before making your purchase.

Design and Features

Design wise Apple Mac’s are just work of arts. They are known for their design. They are beautifully constructed and Apple takes years on their products to get it done perfectly. Both the internal and external are made with care and precision. This is one reason everyone wants an Apple Mac. Macs have limited features. Usually Apple goes with the latest features while dropping all previous features.

Microsoft on the other hand is catching up to Microsoft. Their recent surface studio PC, Surface Book and Surface Pro have been winning several design awards. There may come a time when both Apple Macs and Microsoft Windows would be neck and neck in the design department. Windows have many features. They have a mix of old and new and most of your old devices won’t become obsolete.


When it comes to performance Apple has it covered. Due to both hardware and software are both integrated by Apple, they are able to make very efficient and provide the maximum output from the components. Therefore Apple Macs are very consistent and slick. You may not need an expensive antivirus protection for Apple because it has much fewer viruses than Windows.

Windows on the other hand don’t have perfect integration as Apple Mac but in recent times the Surface line has been able to get similar levels of integration. Performance have been improving and it is able to compete with Apple Mac. Windows may need anti virus software due to the large number of viruses and Malware that is present.

Selection and Price

Apple Mac has a limited selection. Since the software is integrated with the hardware only Apple products are made to work with Apple’s software. This limited selection may be a problem for some due their requirement not being met. When it comes to price, Apple Macs are expensive devices. They are usually more expensive than their windows counterpart. Link here to gain information about antivirus for windows 8.

Windows has a large selection. There are all kinds of hardware running windows. Nearly any computer can install windows. You get a windows computer for every requirement. When it comes to price Windows clearly beat Macs because the Prices can range from a few hundreds of US dollars to thousands. There is a computer for any budget.

In the end the decision comes down to preference. Some prefer Apple Mac and some Microsoft Windows. Go through every features including design and price to see what’s more suitable for you.