The Importance Of Road Safety

Road accidents seem to be increasing every year. There millions of people who get injured and affected by road accidents. Today more people own cars and they are much faster than cars that were available few years ago. Road safety has become a very important issue today and following road safety rules save lives.

There are many factors that result in accidents. Usually primary factors include driver skill, speeding and drinking and driving. Other factors include vehicle design and road environment. In all countries driving under the influence is banned and there is a speed limit in which the driver should stick to. Most of these factors are due to human carelessness and it may cost someone’s life. A study done proved that more than half of the accident is due solely due to the drivers’ actions. Not everyone drives in armored vehicles

Accidents as stated above could result in death but there are other problems that affect people such as psychological trauma. This could be a bystander who witnesses the event and they may be traumatised, further the people involved in the accident could become traumatised. When someone is psychologically traumatised they cannot do day to day activities and responsibilities.

They may even be too traumatised to drive ever again.

Some injuries can leave people disabled for the rest of their lives. This can lead to problems in their personal and social life. They may not be suitable for their job or be an effective worker anymore. There are many numbers of things that could happen.

Fines are a form of reducing accidents and improving road safety. Paying fines in general is a not a pleasant experience and people try to avoid it therefore people choose to follow road rules rather than paying fines for breaking them. It has become an effective method of income for the country and it minimises traffic violations.

There have been improvements in safety standards, for example automakers are designing and building cars that are safer and more reliable than their counterparts a few years ago. Many technological improvements such as collision detection and auto braking allow the car to automatically stop or alert the driver if there’s going to be a collision. These improvements may not purely physical like military vehicles but it may protect and save many lives. Recommended reading this article to gather information about buletproof cars in for sale in UAE.

Road safety has improved as well with more visible signs at dangerous bends, speed limits and more road signs are some of the improvements. Further there are basic road safety instructions that everyone should adhere to such as always using the seatbelts, never drive under the influence, stick to the speed limit and follow all road rules. By sticking to these laws and rules we can avoid all types of accidents. It keeps the driver and everyone around them safe, including pedestrians.