Turn Your Roving Eye Into A Creative Business

If you have a good eye towards colour, shape, texture and form, chances you have an artist’s soul – even if you did not inherit the hands. Not all artists can draw, and not all artists create art. Sometimes, creativity is looking at an empty space and realizing that you can do something wonderful with it, so here are some opportunities and career choices that fit the profile.

Design Clothes

No more does designing fashion require any drawing skill, although many designers still prefer to sketch with their own hands. Now that everything can be done on the computer, more and more people are venturing into this field, drawn in by the fabulous array of colours and textures available to them once they break into the field. Breaking into the fashion industry is difficult since the market is saturated, but getting into a niche market or securing an internship with a globally recognized person, magazine or best restaurant design in Dubai or house can increase your chances of making it big with your talent.

Design Spaces

If you have the spatial skills to match your colour schematics then perhaps architecture or retail interior desgin company in Dubai is your calling. It takes a very special eye to see a derelict or empty leftover space and see it transformed into something functional as well as aesthetically pleasing as that is the fundamental purpose of good construction work. With so many new trends popping up in the field of architecture, there is ample room for up and coming designers to grab a spot, especially in green buildings. Go to the best designing institution you can find and arm yourself with a diploma or degree before you go job hunting. There will be plenty of places that will be happy to offer you an internship.

Make Costumes

If you are handy with needle and thread and know your way around fabric then designing clothes or interning at a retail interior design company is not the only way to go. Plenty of local art theatres and small-time movie projects look for an unknown to design their costumes. They are willing to take the risk because they are small time so racking up experience can only help you. Designing clothing and costumes are very different because clothing is usually practical and wearable everyday while costumes are specific to the play or movie it is going to be in and it will have more immediate exposure among people.

So next time you feel demotivated about not having a particular skill remember that seeing colours in life can easily be turned into a lucrative deal too.